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Animals of a Different Color LLC
Animal coloring is a service that we are proud to offer. Our company takes special care in ensuring both animals safety and customer satisfaction. Remember that Animals of a Different Color uses only animals safe products and has many years of experience. It is highly recommended that you do not try animal coloring yourself if you are not properly trained due to potential risks to both the animal and yourself.
Professional grooming is a standard practice for all commercial ventures. Whether it be for film, television, or promotional events, we are here to make sure that your animal friends are looking their very best for the public.
Quick and effective communication with animals is always desired, but when it comes to a professional environment it is absolutely required. An untrained domestic or exotic animal on set could result in hours or even days of delay in production. We take special care to ensure that your animal will be trained and ready to perform. We work hard to make your animal actors stand-ins, and models feel comfortable while preparing for their big day.