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Animals of a Different Color LLC
About us
Animals of a Different Color is a Limited Liability Company founded by Rose Ordile in the summer of 1987. The company provides animal coloring, grooming, and training to the advertising and entertainment industry. Animals of a Different Color operates at a international level.

It takes a unique mind and talented artist to take your average dog or cat and safely transform them into living works of art. Rose Ordile has gathered the knowledge and experience for many different types of transformations. She began to assemble these experiences at the age of eight while training her dog with the goal of running away to the circus. She later continued her development with animals at the age of eighteen by attending obedience training classes. Although the thought of training domestic and exotic animals had occurred to her as a profession, it simply wasn't a field of study within colleges at the time. Due to the lack of support from the institutions, she was forced to redirect her passion for animals to the medical field. She would go on to train as a veterinarian technician. Shortly after graduating with her new-found skills, Rose attended a grooming school in Nevada. It was there that she learned how to groom all breeds of cats and dogs and started doing animals colorings for stage shows in las vegas. After completing grooming school at the age of 22, Rose and a fellow graduate combined forces and opened their first grooming shop.

Over the years Rose began to put her refined knowledge of animal behavior to use as a trainer. In 1987, Rose began training a wide range of animals - both domestic and exotic - enhancing her ability to work and communicate with a large variety of species. Using the knowledge gained from years of experience and know how, Rose Ordile has founded a company which truly represents the culmination of years of hard work, study, and of course a testament to an immense talent. Animals of a Different Color was birthed from this distinct combination of skill and ability possessed by Rose which puts her clients at a great advantage.

  Animal coloring, grooming, and training. Please view our Services section.
  Animals Safe Products

The animals have always come first in Roses philosophy; Which is why she guarantees that all products are safe for animals and can be applied in either a temporary or semi-permanent process. The coloring methods used by Animals of a Different Color have been used successfully world-wide on both domestics and exotics. Contact us for further information regarding your project and see what unique solutions we can find for you!